Order Form

Currently online orders are only possible for customers in Germany.

If you would like to order Remaix from countries outside Germany, please contact us either

by phone (+49 2407-564420),

by fax (+49 2407-564410, order form > download),

or e-mail (bestellung[at]matricel.de).


We will provide you either with the address of our local distributor in your country or will process your order directly.


Remaix is available in three sizes (15 x 20 mm, 25 x 30 mm, and 30 x 40 mm) and is packaged sterile in double blisters.

Remaix prices are given for Germany and do not include VAT and potential shipping costs.


Prices are valid from 01.07.2011. 

15 mm x 20 mm REM1520 95,00 €
25 mm x 30 mm REM2530 110,00 €
30 mm x 40 mm REM3040 170,00 €